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The book "Journey of the Human Sculptor: What Your Thoughts Cannot Tell You" (available in our online shop) is the manual used in the foundation courses, as well as in many of the Sobras Institute advanced courses, and in private coaching.  It embodies the method called Human Sculpting in - what it may seem to be - an encrypted way.
Why is this encrypting necessary?
For the same reason that for thousands of years scripts describing the most powerful techniques of marshal arts, for instance, were encrypted. The essence of the material, however, unfolded with ease through integration of specific practices for those who had sufficient prior training in internal energy management. Why was this pre-conditioning necessary?
Because the very techniques, which were intended to significantly improve mental acuity, physical fitness, health and longevity could also cause unnecessary pain and suffering if not fully understood or improperly practiced.
As written in our manual: "Awareness is powerful: power comes with responsibility of those who understand and who can - under any circumstances".
Journey of the Human Sculptor: What Your Thoughts Cannot Tell You, when fully understood, and when coupled with the techniques learned through our signature practice "Induction", can open a window onto the landscape well beyond personal awareness: they aim at empowering one to make the move 
from thinking about what needs to be done to doing what was unthinkable before.
However, our manual is not a usual self-help book. You will not find lengthy pre-digested explanations spoon-feeding you word by word.
Readers are expected to engage their brain and body in an integrated way to work through the materials and work on themselves as they explore previously uncharted mental and emotional territories in order to activate and realize the practical benefits of the methods. 
The comprehensive structured information has been transmitted through public seminars, and private workshops or individual coaching for the fastest and most efficient learning. In private coaching, the experiential learning methods are tailored to the particular needs and interests of the group or individual.

Nevertheless, those who enjoy and able to learn from clinical examples, transcripts of coaching sessions, or from metaphors embedded in poetry, and through the analogies hidden in practical exercises, may find valuable information to savor for a long time. Keep returning to it for a refreshing boost and for new insights at increasing levels of understanding, skills and proficiency! Below are some tips on how to use both book and CD for self-study at your own pace or simply how to take a tour in thinking and feeling "differently" ... for a change.
We suggest to use the manual in combination with the instructional CD: Induction to Meditation, which provides two introductory and seven practice sessions on learning to induce a modified meditative state and then maintaining it through various circumstances of increasing external and internal distractions. Induction, is the first and most basic technique of Human Sculpting, which then, through the help of our complimentary techniques, can be integrated into daily living without the need of exchanging a professional carrier - or busy lifestyle - for a retreat of quiet isolation.
Induction supports self-management through several mechanisms, for instance, by improving emotional energy management: regular practice results in an increase in mental and physical performance, focusing and emotional stability under any levels of stress.
Disclaimer: Although, the method and techniques have all been used as successful adjunctives in clinical settings and in coaching, neither the book or the CD are porported to heal or cure serious illness, nor do they substitute diagnosis or treatment by a licensed professional.
Note: Induction, Induction to Meditation and Human Sculpting are trademarks of Sobras Institute. Please read our Terms of Use.

In chapters 1 and 2 (Symptoms & Definitions) make a note, which verse you do not immediately understand, or have a strong negative reaction to.  They indicate your areas of resistance.  Leave them alone initially, and return to them once you have worked your way  through the book and CD. They have served as excellent monitoring cues to evaluate our students' progress. 
The writings under each title, which we call vignettes, are metaphors, therefore, look for analogies not explanations.  Whenever you feel a strong emotion, struggle with a conflict, or ponder about a reverberating mental theme in your mind, find the title that best corresponds to it. Read that vignette carefully, many times if needed, until you recognize how the analogy or pattern it describes applies to your circumstances. 


Then read the vignette on the pages just before and after. These latter two will either provide additional information to complete your understanding, or challenge the latter,  and may suggest a different viewpoint for further processing.

Reading "Homework" over and over again will engrain efficient ways of learning from strong emotions, as well as managing them, which can come very handy when  you feel stuck.

Another good vignette to 'unstuck' is "Options". Besides the meaning that unfolds through the dialectical parallels, the vignette has also worked as a soothing, self-hypnotic mantra for many students. 
As to the CD: Induction to Meditation, the first four sessions (Induction Primer, Focus Shift, Eye Opener and Unlimited Horizons) are the basic exercises to master. The rest are designed to challenge and further support you in learning new skills experientially. These skills, if practiced regularly, can help you maintain your calm and peaceful inner reference point in the face of major groups of distractors: disturbing auditory, visual, and other sensory stimuli, as well as your haunting cognitive interpretations (the meaning you assign to what you have experienced). 
Before purchasing and using our learning tools please read our Terms of Use.
Good luck in your endeavors, and thank you for purchasing Sobras Institute learning materials.