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Sobras Institute is a private research and teaching institute, founded by Kleopatra Ormos, M.D. in 2003 in Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. The Institute offers experiential workshops and private coaching about the effects of thoughts and emotions on professional performance, personal efficiency, professional and personal relationships, mood and identity. Our course participants and individual students learn to make lasting changes by developing practical self-support skills of sustainable mental, emotional and physical well being even in highly streesful environments. 
Sobras Institute aims to develop affordable, high quality educational methods, which help in learning the kind of skills that are rarely taught in schools: first our students learn to achieve their highest levels of mental and emotional efficiency. Then they learn how to maintain these skills for the long term in the face of increasing complexity and stress.  
"Sobras" comes from the word "szobrasz", which means sculptor in Hungarian. We consider our students as artist scholars, who engage in re-sculpting themselves in very specific ways: they learn to work with conditioned mental, emotional and behavioral habits and how to change them. For these old habits, engrained sometimes by upbringing and other times by sub-optimal prior experiences, most likely inhibit their professional progress and their personal satisfaction. 
 "Sobras" in Spanish means: leftovers. In our context, they are the crusted, ineffective poor habits we often carry around like dead carcasses from our past, unable to either make peace with them, or exchange them for better functioning ones or leave them at the last corner. They seem to always find their way back to our mind and behavior until:
Through working on themselves and on their mental and emotional habits, our students leave no stones unturned: the new paradigms they build shall manifest in every aspect of their lives.
Sobras Institute recognizes 
  • the need to improve public health education through promoting individual and corporate responsibility and personal accountability;
  • the importance of a clean, sustainable, and safe environment for all species of the ecosystem;
  • each sentient being is an integral part of the whole universe: none could exist without the other


Past Public Courses


Beginner level

The Practice of Sustainable Emotional Well-Being I: Foundation Course

Intermediate level

(* prerequisite:  foundation course)


The Practice of Sustainable Emotional Well-Being II: Implementation

Advanced level            

(*prerequisite: foundation course plus implementation)

Scale-Free Nutrition

Scale-Free Nutrition II: Implementation

The Unique Role of Sexual Energy in Mood, Identity, and Relationships

The Unique Role of Sexual Energy in Mood, Identity, and Relationships II: Implementation