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Many students have participated in the Sobras Institute courses.  Please read some of the testimonials below to get an idea if these courses may be for you or someone you know.



The Practice of Sustainable Emotional Well-Being 

“I came to Sobras Institute without any clear expectations.  I soon realized this is not just a course, but a life journey.  The skill of “grounding” is like a fine wine. . it becomes better with age.  I look forward to “sipping” it for years to come.” Lauren Johnson-Lavender BSN,RN

“What I have learned at Sobras Institute is so simple, yet, I have never been taught to live life this way.  In retrospect it feels like I’ve been taught lies before, instead of clarity:  it’s so far from what I have been brought up with.  I have been told many things “to do” at home, at school, at church, but nobody taught me the tools of “how to” work on living in harmony with myself, and through that relationship, with others.  At times, I find practicing what I have learned hard, but a very satisfying experience.  Since I started studying at Sobras Institute over a year ago, my life has never been more fulfilled.  I have grown more this last one year than all of the years before.”  Robert Bliss, CPA  

“This is a well-constructed all inclusive course combining energy concepts, laws of nature, psychiatry, quantum physics, and more to assist in understanding the nature of emotions to dissolve old patterns and belief systems.”  Jeanne Jackson RN  

“The course has changed my view of me and the world around me. I am able to experience relationships on a different level, perform at a different level at work, and find more joy in my day to day activities. It is truly exciting to approach each day with my heart and mind open, and to be able to manage conflicts and stress in a much more helpful way. My sleep and energy level are much improved. Anxiety is down. Thank you for your caring, and above all your tenaciousness in never letting us off the hook.” Jessica Biggie, M.D.  

“You can read a lot of books on self healing, Buddhism, yoga, meditation, mindfulness etc.  They all help, but the practical application of this course changes you so you no longer just dream about being self actualized or joyous, but it can be a reality.” Jeanne Hupprich 

“In this course, I learned to stop thinking so much and to go into my body with perfect trust.”  Sue 

“The techniques taught by Dr. Ormos are things every human being should learn.  As a young person with many worries and anxieties surrounding my studies, my social life and my future, I have found ways to ground myself and be much more mentally healthy.”  Molli King  

“You will not find this anywhere else . . . no book, no teacher like this. I have been a student of meditation for 25 years and a teacher of meditation for 15 years.  This work, however, is exceptional; such a practical application for something ancient and elusive.” Susan Pisapia  

This program has taught me how important it is to feel and not let your thoughts run away.  How to channel my energy and use it to my benefit and create better well being for myself and those around me.  I feel as if I have finally been given permission to experience my emotions.”  Elaine Enright RN  

“This is the first workshop I have ever attended.  I would recommend this highly to anyone who is trying to improve their health and well being.  Dr. Ormos has given me the tools I need to deal with stress, anxiety, and fears. Without these tools and the practice of Inductionä I would be stuck in my old patterns and ways that block me from the flow of living my life with joy and full prosperity.  If you want to free yourself from your old ways, and find a better way of living, I recommend this course highly.  Dr.Ormos’s work is exceptional.  She goes way beyond the call of duty not only with her professionalism, but with her understanding, kindness, and compassion.”  Susan Colleran 

Dr. Kleopatra Ormos is a powerful teacher who gives each of us the tools to empower positive change.”    Jaci Barton 

“Dr. Ormos is delightful as well as incredibly knowledgeable, charming, compassionate, and playful.  What a wonderful way to learn.  I feel like we all took a giant leap on the evolutionary continuum.”  Catherine Connally

“This has been a safe, supportive environment to shift oneself from thoughts to sensations.  The ‘experiential’ approach assists with changing old grooves.”  Kathleen Florance 

“Dr.Ormos cleverly presents easily understood and usable tools that help us break out of old and non-productive habits.”  Tamara Krenn 

“I feel so grateful to have learned from Kleopatra Ormos.  She shares her brilliance freely, allowing us to love ourselves and improve our relationships.  I can’t believe we have such a source at our fingertips.”          Connie Wilsterman 

“Thank you for introducing me to myself!”  Elizabeth A. 

“I am so glad to have my eyes and my body open to experiencing life fully.  Before I started practicing with Dr.Ormos, I was only partly awake.  Now I can see the possible joy life can bring.” Gina Camarra

“I was looking for a course to deal with “old” negative thoughts: why always thinking badly when in a positive situation or relationship?  I learned how to use valuable tools in dealing with all my relationships – including myself.”  Pamela Nickerson 

“It is all in the balance of your energy” Tracey Foley  

“After years of feeling overly anxious, these techniques gave me relief in one week.”  Sue 

“This course was exactly what I was looking for.  I needed to go deeper in my ability to feel and speak my truth and to be centered in my relationships.”  Cathy  

“For the first time in 60+ years, I have an understanding of how my reactions to situations have worsened the events and how my part in the “dance” allowed for deterioration of my relationships.” Linda Sayers


“I feel that this work has helped me to reclaim parts of myself I have lost touch with, and has helped me to have a body sensing/tasting experience of a whole me.”  Kate 

“I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in self-growth and energy. The book and CD give you some background but the course opens your understanding to a new level. The techniques are easily accessible at all times once you have practiced them”. Donna Mattison-Earls 

“I am enjoying getting to know myself, learning to be present for myself so I may be present for others. The energy is powerful and such a new experience - it is refreshing, stimulating.” Patricia Nye


Scale-Free Nutrition 

“This course of study and practice is life changing.  It will improve your relationship to yourself and others; it will greatly enhance the ways in which you care for yourself and will lead to greater satisfaction in your life.”  Walter King 

“Our culture has a tendency to over-think.  This course taught me awareness of my anxiety and new skills to work with it rather than try so hard to get rid of it.”  Sue 

“Kleo makes it clear that if you want change, you can make it happen once you decide to change certain structures in your life and discipline yourself to the practice of change.”  Jaci Barton 

“This course has greatly changed my relationship with food and its effects on my body.  It is such a simple concept that most of us have never learned.”  Elaine Enright R.N. 

“This course has the ability to change your life if you will take the responsibility for wanting it.”              Kathryn Johnson  

“Diets are not the answer. If you wonder why you have never been able to stick to a diet and cannot seem to love and respect your body, this is a terrific class.”  Maureen Stratton 

“As a result of taking this course I am loosing weight, eat more healthfully, and I have more energy for vibrant, radiant being.”  Susan Pisapia 

“These courses absolutely changed my life and it is now evident to other people in my life without me “telling them” how I have changed. I am becoming more responsible.” Brenda Bliss             

“Moving from my thoughts into my body has made a tremendous change in my experience of living. This is the hardest I have worked on anything for myself. I am just experiencing my life in a whole new perspective and it has been wonderful. I am really enjoying myself in these classes. Thank you. I am loving this energy!”  Patricia Nye 

The Unique Role of Sexual Energy in Mood, Relationships, and Identity 

“This work should be required from birth on. It makes the difference between living and having a life.”   Shelley Levin 

“This class has been excellent and my only wish is that it happened sooner in my life - but it is never too late for this wonderful information.” Kathryn Johnson 

“Changed my life. Challenging mentally, physically, but worth every hurdle. I am more content and satisfied than I have been in a long time. I am pleased to not only be building insight, but gaining the tools needed to affect lasting changes in the way I go about my day, build relationships, and sustain myself. Dr Ormos and the courses made it clear that I alone am able to make the changes necessary to be my best self and optimize my daily interactions. Each day presents new opportunities for me now for happiness, joy, and connection, which is life sustaining. The course put so many things together and really clarified the “this is it”, “you are what you feel”, “why go through life depleting yourself” points.” Jessica Biggie, M.D. 

“Working out deeply patterned behaviors is tremendously challenging but the shifts that have taken place within me are evident to everyone who knows me.” Jaci Barton 

“This course was an extraordinary experience. Not only because of the course subject and what I learned about my sexual energy, but also because the dynamics of the group enhanced the material we were exploring, and created a caring, non-threatening environment to question, discuss, and ultimately learn about ourselves. I highly recommend the Sobras Institute courses to anyone: no matter where you are in your life, you can always take something with you from any of the courses.” Joan Olenick

"Practice does not make the master:
masters make pratice their priority."
                                                            Journey of the Human Sculptor

Certified Sobras Teachers
Maureen Stratton, Susan Pisapia, Jeanne Jackson, Shelley Levin and Kate Peros with Dr Ormos

"Secret . . .
 . . . is what you are not
ready to understand."
                                           Journey of the Human Sculptor