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Journey of the Human Sculptor: What Your Thoughts Cannot Tell You

"We are lucky that Hamlet never read this persuasive manual. If he had, Dr. Kleopatra Ormos could well have beguiled the prince into 'working his way through his frustrations' instead of beautifully bewailling them, and we would have lost the play. Dr. Ormos's thesis, memorably illuminated by pithy aphorisms and case histories, convincingly demonstrates that there are more and better choices for the suffering mind than 'to be or not to be'.  Hers is a graphically original guide to these choices, unconventional and stimulating, but always with its feet firmly on the proven ground of orthodox medicine - as befits the work of a highly qualified clinical psychiatrist." 
     Selwyn Roderick, Chairman, Trio Television; documentary filmmaker, BBC Television, Wales, U.K.

"I found the book beautiful and compelling in what it both gives and asks of the reader. Journey of the Human Sculptor: What Your Thought Cannot Tell You is a must-read for every person striving for imporved personal performance. Dr Ormos' method, techniques, humor and wit provide the tools needed to make lasting change. It is almost like reading poetry and philosophy at the same time. It is a powerful vehicle for those, who follow her suggestion to undertake the discovery of experiencing as they read."    Katherine Webster, Vice President of Sales and Marketing North America, Biotage, Biosystems Division

 "This book is dangerous; it could change your life: "Once you understand the process, you cannot claim ignorance," says Dr.Ormos.  Patiently she lures her patients into becoming their own doctor.  Page by page, self-sculpting and self-healing will transform you as you experience what it really feels like to touch a table, to push a door, to sense your energy, to realize yourself.  The witty stories, case histories, and poems relentlessly remind you of your forgotten inner self - an unspolied better edition - which will be at your fingertips by the time you reach the last page.  This book will not sit on your shelf. You will want to go back to it again and again."
      Peter Csermely, Professor of Medical Chemistry, Semmelweis University, Budapest, Hungary; author of Weak Links

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